WhoGrew Your Food

Planting Calendar

Moon16 Today was kulu = plant bananas. Excellent night to plant potatoes and melon. Not a good night to build a house, put up a roof or a fence because kulu means to fall.

Moon17 Dec 13, Friday is la'aukukahi = plant bananas, but no sweet potatoes. Gather medicinal plants.

Moon18 Dec 14, Saturday is la'aukulua = good for cultivating, but not planting. Gather la'au for medicinal use

Moon19 Dec 15, Sunday is la'aupau = good day to plant anything but vine-type plants. Medicine was prepared and administered by the kahuna la'au lapa'au

Moon20 Dec 16, Monday is olekukahi = not a good day for planting. Cultivate and irrigate other plants. Pruned plants remain cut back longer.

Moon21 Dec 17, Tuesday is olekulua = not a good day for planting. Pruned plants remain cut back longer

Moon22 Dec 18, Wednesday is olepau = plant bananas. Cultivate other plants

Moon23 Dec 19, Thursday is kaloakukahi = good day for planting long or tall type plants such as bamboo, sugar cane, string beans, eggplants, mamake, wauke, wapine and others