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Planting Calendar

Moon6 Today was olekukahi = unproductive for planting. Cultivate, prune, and hill up sweet potatoes. Plants will remain pruned back longer.

Moon7 May 21, Monday is olekulua = most challenging day, moon rises at noon, moon's shape appears to be split in half. Planting is unproductive. Prune and mulch today

Moon8 May 22, Tuesday is olekukolu = mulching, weeding, and pruning the best farming activities today. Still considered an unproductive day

Moon9 May 23, Wednesday is olepau = good day for planting 'ulu, eggplant, string beans, squash, melon and many other vegetables. Cultivate and prune back other plants

Moon10 May 24, Thursday is huna = plant gourds, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, corn. Sharp tips of moon huna or hide today

Moon11 May 25, Friday is mohalu = excellent planting for anything but trees. Flowers planted will be especially beautiful. Secrets will be revealed today

Moon12 May 26, Saturday is hua = plant anything that bears fruit (hua). Bananas planted have small fruit. The moon will be in an egg shaped appearance tonight. Known to be fertile night for many things.

Moon13 May 27, Sunday is akua = plant sweet potatoes, taro, gourds, bananas, corn. Akua are out and about this evening. Therefore night activity was discouraged.