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Planting Calendar

Moon26 Today was kane = excellent day to plant anything. In the old days this night was reserved for ceremony and ritual and no farming or fishing occurred

Moon27 Jan 21, Tuesday is lono = excellent day for planting any type of plant especially those that provide food

Moon28 Jan 22, Wednesday is mauli = excellent day for all styles of planting any variety of plant.

Moon29 Jan 23, Thursday is muku = bananas planted this evening will bear a stalk one muku in length, which is approximately 4 feet long. Do not plant taro or sweet potatoes

Moon0 Jan 24, Friday is hilo = excellent day to plant all varieties of plants except for bananas. This hawaiian “new moon” phase starts the lunar calendar sequence

Moon1 Jan 25, Saturday is hoaka = today is promising day for planting many varieties of plants, especially 'uala and tuber-type plants

Moon2 Jan 26, Sunday is kukahi = plant sweet potatoes. Will be firm and upright ku. Will also produce one shoot. Plant upright plants such as trees.

Moon3 Jan 27, Monday is kulua = excellent day to plant 'uala, kalo, mai'a, and trees. Huli planted is believed to produce two shoots; ku lua means to stand in pairs